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The Connecticut Material Trader (CMT) is a FREE online materials reuse network. It was conceived to help assists businesses, organizations, institutions, and municipalities in Connecticut find, sell, trade, or give away useful used or surplus materials that would otherwise be disposed as trash.

CMT members align corporate and environmental objectives by reducing their environmental footprint, saving money, and providing fellow CMT members in need of low-to-no cost supplies, furniture, and equipment with the materials they need.

Anyone can visit the site and browse for materials currently available in their area*. However, only members can post listings of items and materials they wish to offer for reuse. Membership is limited to businesses, organizations, institutions, and municipalities. Each listing contains a description of the material or item, contact information, and in some cases cost and delivery information. The actual exchange transactions are carried out directly between the interested parties.

A wide variety of materials are accepted and include: containers, packaging, plastic/rubber, wood/pallets, metals, paper, textiles/leather, glass, electronics, construction materials, industrial and office equipment, food residuals, and more.

The Connecticut Material Trader is currently administered by the CT DEP. It is a project initiated to help implement the source reducton and reuse strategies in the State Solid Waste Management Plan.

*As well as surrounding Northeast States